Consulting Services

Consulting is the integrated part of our services with expertise in custom programming, client-server database design and implementation, web and mobile development. We are specialists in designing and implementing cost-effective, creative information solutions to complex business problems.

  • Technology Consultation
  • Cloud Services
  • Digital Transformation
  • Product Development
  • Mobility
  • Enterprise Products
  • Data Lakes and Data Analytics
  • Security
  • Infra Architecture and Disaster Recovery

Enterprise Solutions

Experienced domain expertise in Enterprise Content Management that enables the digital transformation of your Enterprise. It allows end-to-end management of enterprise content, which is from capture, Index and Storage to annihilation of data. It facilitates the delivery of provisional information to business stakeholders and employees for improved collaboration, smarter decision making, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Digital Learning


  • Interactive
  • Intuitive
  • Graphic and design oriented
  • Simulation of five scenarios


  • Mobile and tablet based
  • Navigation design oriented
  • Performance tools, videos, gamification
  • Notification and alerts


  • Collaborative Content
  • Informal Learning
  • Education on social media


  • Virtual Classroom
  • Real time interaction
  • Digital white boarding
  • Virtual Group think


  • Classroom interactive
  • Task based learning programs
  • Physical workshops
  • Guided assistance

Our Solutions

  • Curate 365 packs powerful functionalities to consolidate all your document and content management on to one single platform.

  • It is platform with great capabilities to integrate the DMS with all other third party systems.

  • Curate 365 is offered as On-premises, Web and Mobile deployments.

  • Curate is a management solution that allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents.

  • With Curate enterprise document management you can:

  • 1. Control your enterprise content.

  • 2. Collaborate with colleagues on documents and projects.

  • 3. Collect information from any digital source.

    Disaster Recovery

  • Secure your infrastructure by automatically synchronize all your machines to another virtual centre (or to our cloud!). Your virtual machines will be ready to be switched on if anything happens. Your data is secure 24x7.

  • Your own cloud

  • You can create your own personal cloud inside your environment and have your backups automatically transferred to your central sites or to your backup infrastructure.

  • Agentless

  • No software required on your machines. Just install 911 on your favourite machine (even a virtual one of course) and you are ready to back up your virtual machines!

  • Smart Cloud Backup

  • 911 cloud is not just storage. Every machine backup is stored so that you can search & restore any file from the cloud or even your full virtual machine!

Company Connect is a web platform that bridges one company to the other over internet for sharing documents between companies. This platform helps organizations to accelerate their operations with increased productivity and get accurate input. Key advantages of this platform are:

    Automated Process

  • CONNECT has a build in workflow that suits the corporate needs to automate the tedious job. It makes the overall process hassle free with less manual errors and efficient process flow.

  • Digitizing the paper

  • The monotonous and repetitive work can be controlled by digitizing the paper and making the process to work more efficiently.

  • Data Security & Accuracy

  • CONNECT is optimized with standardized work flow for security and safety of the information.

  • The operations and workflow of CONNECT would make the end users to get précised data without any data discrepancies.

  • Time and Cost Reduction

  • Automated processes and digitizing the papers will help in reducing the time and cost.



Why Esoteky

Proven Expertise and Years of Experience in Software, Consulting and ECM Services. We help our customers transform their businesses, processes and operations with innovative strategies aligned to specific needs of their industries and organizational requirements. Streamlined on delivering high quality software solutions which enable our customers to accomplish their critical IT objectives. We uniquely stand to provide what our customer’s need – composite software solutions to answer their specifications, delivered certainly on time, with excellent value for money.

About us

ABOUT Our Team

  • Specialized in providing technology solutions globally.

  • Several of our global clients (including Fortune 100 organization) have made us a partner of choice.

  • Senior management with more experience in Retail, Healthcare, educational technology and learning industry both in India and abroad.


  • Our team culture focuses on quality and exceeding customer expectations.

  • Customer centric approach with an emphasis on continually improving our services to clients.


  • Worked with the following industry verticals offering the bespoken enterprise solutions.








We believe in following a holistic approach to ensure that our clients receive best advice at all times.


We focus strongly on the needs of our clients and their respective businesses.


Our rapid response, appropriate advice and innovative solutions are based on a full understanding of our clients business needs.

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